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How To Wear Leather Skirt: Tips & Tricks And Outfit Ideas For Every Occasion

The leather skirt has become a timeless classic: your mothers probably had one and, even today. In mid-season and then in winter, it is a real must-have, very current and sought after.

The reason for its success is soon said: it is an incredibly versatile garment and that, simply by changing the accessories. It is appropriate for day and evening. Moreover, today it can be chosen in many different cuts and lengths. Thus making it suitable for every type of body and style: we go from the miniskirt with a rock soul to the corolla model below the knee, up to the super sexy pencil skirt, perfect for enhancing the curves and the waist.

In short, if you don’t have it yet, the leather skirt could turn out to be a purchase capable, by itself, of revolutionizing your look a little. It giving a new character to your basic garments and accessories. We have selected for you a series of possible combinations, from those suitable for the day and for more or less formal occasions, up to the more casual or trendy, and tips for making no mistake. Let’s begin!

Leather Skirt + Oversized Sweater

Do you also have in your wardrobe cotton or (later on) wool or cashmere sweater with a soft and oversized cut? In which you like to wrap yourself in the evening with the first cold? Try to combine it with the leather skirt: it is one of the most current outfits of the moment and it is also super comfortable; it fits both the miniskirt and the longer models. And the only trick is, to rebalance the proportions, wear it with shoes with a little heel if you are not very tall.

Leather Shirt + Sweater Or Turtleneck

A more classic and always impeccable outfit instead involves combining the leather skirt with a thinner and more fitted sweater or a turtleneck, with or without sleeves. The result is quite classic and formal.

Leather Skirt + Shirt

It is another of the most viewed outfits on Instagram together with the leather skirt + sweater. The result can be more or less elegant depending on the shirt (from silk to jeans or checkered flannel!) And the accessories you choose to complete the outfit.

Leather Mini Skirt + T-Shirt

It seems a bit risky combination, but in reality, it is very trendy: if what you are looking for is a casual, young, and current effect. The t-shirt in a solid color or with a print must be tucked with a flap inside the leather skirt.

Mini Or Midi In Leather + Shirt And Sweater, Or T-Shirt And Cardigan

We also really like the trend of wearing the leather skirt playing on various layers or … As our grandmothers used to say, dressing “onion”, which is the maximum of practicality in this mid-season, by the way!

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