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How to get a relaxing living room

A living room should be a place to relax. Space at home in which to get together with the family, but also to receive visitors. Also, a place where we can be alone and enjoy our free time. Today we give you some ideas that you can put into practice to achieve a relaxing living room, from color palettes to the use of indoor plants.

Neutral colors for a relaxing living room

Yes, neutral colors are usually always the best option when we want to create relaxing spaces. Why? Very simple, because they do not alter our senses. Having neutral base colors will create more harmonious spaces. In addition, by choosing colors such as white or beige we will be allowing natural light to enter more fluidly and flood everything.

Does this mean that we cannot use other shades? Of course not. There are shades like blue that automatically bring us peace. However, we must bear in mind that in a living room we are going to include many more elements than in a bedroom (in which the color blue is always a success). In this way, choosing neutral tones for walls and floors can make the rest of the pieces fit together without saturating; The key to relaxation is precisely that, finding a balanced room without discordant elements.

A custom color palette

Although we opted for neutral colors as the basis for the living room, we can use other colors in the specific decoration. At this point, your own taste will tell a lot, although keep in mind that strong colors like red could be excessively vibrant. If you are looking for relaxation, move to shades like blue, green, or powdery colors. Dusty pink, for example, is a color that works really well with neutrals and wooden floors. Mustards can also balance the color scale.

Textiles for a relaxing living room

A room without textiles is a cold room. On the other hand, with a good textile, it will be possible to give warmth. In a living room, in addition, we have it much easier, since there is a wide variety of textiles that we can use. We should not do without rugs, since this element provides not only visual warmth but also to our feet. Let’s choose fabrics such as cotton or linen for cushions or sofa covers. There are also other textiles such as velvet that, in addition to giving warmth, create environments full of glamor.

The use of plants

If we think of relaxing space, we will surely think of a place full of greenery. Plants are relaxing, and interiors are no exception. There is also a large repertoire of indoor plants that are in fashion. Options such as the Monstera or Adam’s Rib, for example, are conquering all Instagram decoration profiles. The cactus or even vines can be an interesting bet. Also the vertical gardens.

Take care of the lighting

Finally, we must not neglect the lighting. On the one hand, do not dispense with natural light, so try to include curtains that are not excessively dense so that the room is illuminated during the day. At night, try to include warm lights at different points in the room so you can use them in a timely manner. The ideal is to have a lamp for the reading area, another in a corner or on a side table, and another that provides general light.

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