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How to fix black smoke from exhaust?

The smoke expelled by the exhaust pipe of the car can tell a lot about any fault that is present. When we are in the presence of black smoke from the exhaust when accelerating, it is very common for people to be confused. It is something very serious and can seriously damage the lifespan of the car.

For the most part, this characteristic in smoke, when described as black, is due to poor combustion, that is to say, that at least 90% of the causes are derived from a problem in gasoline combustion. If it has happened to you and asks yourself, how to fix black smoke from exhaust? We bring the possible causes and solutions to these situations.

How to fix black smoke from exhaust?

Well, there can be many reasons, but to begin with, it may be due to failures in the injectors or directly in the injection pump. In the case of the injectors, it may be due to obstructions, breaks, or dirt inside them. These causes cause bad combustion, starting from here the expulsion of black smoke.

Depending on the part’s clogging state, an injector cleaning solution can be used, which will help a lot against leaks. If they are broken or that the dirt is extremely crystallized or hardened, the part must be replaced.

On the other hand, the injection pump’s bad pulverization may be due to a bad regulation in the said piece, which generates an excess of pressure causing the injectors to pulverize in an uncontrolled way, causing an excess of carbides. The solution is to repair or replace the injection pump with a new one.

Bad fuel pressure

On many occasions, the circuit in charge of distributing gasoline to the engine can break down; Such failure can cause fuel pressure changes, causing the gasoline pump to expel too much and with excessive force the fuel to the engine. Also, if black smoke comes out of the exhaust pipe of your car, this problem causes your car to consume more gasoline than necessary, therefore for one reason or another, it should be repaired as soon as possible.

This failure is necessary to verify it in the workshop with a specialist mechanic, in the same way, to carry out any repair in the circuit or in the pump itself.

It is a sign that the air filter is dirty

It may vary depending on the car and the characteristics it presents. Still, in the case of old vehicles that have a carburetor, the excessive black smoke coming out of the exhaust pipe will be noticeable and, on the other hand, in the case of new cars that have a fuel system. Injection, rather than smoke, you will begin to have trouble accelerating.

When the air filters become clogged or clogged by excess dirt, the amount of air that enters the cylinders for combustion is extremely little, generating heavy combustion and black smoke.

The best solution is to change the air filter or have it cleaned by a specialist.

EGR valve faulty

Another reason that answers your question is why my car smoke black is a problem in the EGR valve. This valve is called the EGR valve, as its acronym in English indicates and that we can translate as Exhaust Gas Recirculation. It is responsible for reducing the CO2 emission produced by the car. This is achieved thanks to the gas recirculation to the combustion chamber, causing them to burn again through the intake manifold and generate much less CO2 than it would normally be.

The process is carried out by opening and closing said valve. When it becomes oversaturated with carbon, it begins to present problems to open. When this happens, no clean oxygen passes, only air already contaminated with the same carbon, causing the fuel not to be Burns out completely and black smoke is emitted from the exhaust.

To solve this problem, the EGR valve must be removed and cleaned thoroughly, in the same way, check if it has any breakage and, if so, replace it.

Flowmeter problems

This device’s function is to measure the amount of air that the engine sucks to control both the need for gasoline and the number of gases emitted by the car engine. The flowmeter is a sensor responsible for indicating to the injectors when to spray and the appropriate amount of fuel. When the part has a breakage or has flaws in its structure, it begins to make wrong air measurements, causing it to become oversaturated with fuel.

To fix this, remove the flowmeter and clean the sensor. If it shows excessive damage, replace it with a new one to avoid black smoke from the exhaust when revving.

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