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Greater flexibility for book scholarships

This year the income requirements are made more flexible. More families from Alcorcón will be eligible for scholarships for the purchase of textbooks from the City Council. The City Council of Alcorcón, through the Department of Social Services that directs the mayor Susana Mozo, has published aid for the acquisition of textbooks for the school year 2016-2017, which may opt more families of Alcorcón due to the greater flexibility of the requirements.

These subsidies are intended for families with economic needs, registered in the locality and with children enrolled in Primary and / or Secondary Education, both in public centers and in subsidized schools in Alcorcón. Also included in this call for families registered in the neighborhood of Fuente Cisneros and whose children go to public or subsidized centers of Móstoles. As a novelty, this year may also be requested by students of the Special Education Center Severo Ochoa de Alcorcón. 

The flexibility in the economic requirements to be eligible for these scholarships is another of the novelties of this call. Specifically, families whose income in 2015 has not exceeded 29,820.56 euros, in the case of the family unit up to four members , will be able to apply for aid.; 35,411.92 euros, in the case of families of up to five members; of 40,630.51 euros in the six-member family unit; of 45,103.60 euros in the case of 7 members or 48,831.17 euros for a family unit of 8 members. From the ninth member will be added 3,727.57 euros for each new one.

The third deputy mayor and councilor responsible for the area of ​​Social Services, Susana Mozo, stressed that “the needs of the residents of Alcorcón are our own. Therefore, this year, this municipal government has tried to help these grants reach more families in the city by making rental requirements more flexible or accessing more centers. Our priority is the people and with our decisions we show this “: In total, for this school year, the City Council of Alcorcón offers 90,000 euros to families. Each one of these helps will be able to ascend to 125 euros, in the case that the scholar studies in Primary, or 150 for the students of Secondary.

Inscripciones.- Registration to apply for these grants can be downloaded through the City Council’s website or collected at its Information and Registration offices and at the Social Services centers located at Calle Parque del Teide 1, and at Plaza del Tejar, 9. The delivery of these duly completed must be delivered in the General Register of the City of Alcorcón or by any of the means provided in Article 38.4 of Law 30/1992, of November 26, Legal Regime of Public Administrations and Common Administrative Procedure in the fifteen calendar days from the day
following the publication of the call in the BOCAM, from September 29 to October 13 (both inclusive).

Documentation .-All the documentation that must be presented can be consulted in the rules of the call, which can be downloaded from the municipal website. This year, in addition, these aids will be compatible with others that could be perceived with the same purpose granted by this or other public or private entities, provided that the articles for which such assistance is obtained are not coincidental.

Score.- The City Council of Alcorcón will evaluate the applications based on different criteria such as rent, disability, large families, if they have an open file in Social Services dated before the publication of the bases or if they make purchases in shops of Alcorcón. This last criterion, which was incorporated for the first time last year, was launched with the aim of promoting local trade.

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