Career Options for Film School Grads
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Different Career Options for Film School Grads

These days, it has never been easier to find work in the film industry. Gone are the days of big-budget action film studios dominating the movie theaters. These days, technology is there to create beautiful films on a low budget. You may even be experiencing this in college. In the old days, you were forced to learn how to make films on cheap 16mm cameras and an old editing bay. These days, students are given digital cameras and digital editing bays and programs, which allows students to really express themselves. When you graduate, though, you want to think about some of your career options. Indeed, you don’t only have to become a director – you can also work further behind the scenes to make movies come to life.

Here are some different career options for film school grads.


One great position in the film industry is that of an editor. As an editor, your job will be to not only cut films but also commercials, PSAs, and trailers. This position is the most in-demand because it is one of the most technical positions in the film world. If you get good at what you do, you may be hired by big studios to work with famous film directors.


If you want to be leading the show, you may want to become a director. As a director, it will be your job to make sure the whole production runs smoothly on set. More importantly, you will need to direct your actors. This means that you want your actors to know where to stand, how to deliver lines and what they should be feeling in a scene. If you wrote a particular scene, you want the actor or actress to express the emotion you were thinking when you wrote the script.


A producer’s job is really interesting because it will be your job to make a film come to life – from the ground up. You will be working with investors and financiers to make sure a movie has the budget it needs to be created. Everything from the special effects to the actor’s salary will need to be expensed. If you want to be a better producer, you may want to go to college to brush up on business classes.


As a colorist, you won’t only have to click here and there on a digital screen to make sure that the color in a movie looks right. You will need to use unique skills and advanced knowledge to correct a film’s look. A colorist will also add black and white or other special colors if the director or creator of the film asks for it.


On top of everything, you may want to think of becoming an actor. As an actor, you will be up against a lot of competition, but it can be one of the more exciting positions within the film world. In the end, an actor usually gets a lot of perks, but you must remember to work hard and maintain integrity.

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