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All you need to know about face masks

Face masks is something all women love. There is no exaggeration when we say that men love facial masks too. Face masks are a way to indulge and take care of your face skin. Whether you go to a spa, beauty salon or remain at home, you will love the experience of applying a facial mask. Symbol Of Hope can help you when you choose a mask for your face.

  • How to use facial masks at home

Using your face mask at home is pretty much comfortable, but it can be a bit messy. However, the results are definitely worth the while. You won’t put much effort in applying the mask. It takes a few steps. Here are some useful tips for using facial masks at the comfort of your home:

  • Using the mask in the bathtub

If you plan to use the face mask in your bathtub, things tend to be easier and less messy. You will apply the mask on your face and neck area. You don’t have to worry about making a mess or leaving traces or stains from the mask. Everything will disappear in the tub.

  • Using the mask outside a bathtub

It is not mandatory to use your facial mask in bathtub. You might not have time for a bath or simply you are not in the mood for it. It is totally cool to use the face mask without a bath. All you need to do is to keep your hands dry to apply the mask properly. It is also important to pull your hair back. This way it won’t be mixed with the mask. You can cover your hair with a turban for better protection. Your clothes shouldn’t be new or super clean. You shouldn’t also wear garments that you will wear outside the home.

  • It won’t hurt to use a regular cleaner

Your face mask can give you satisfying results. It can work on deep and superficial layers of skin. However, you can always increase the benefit by using your usual cleanser. It will remove the dead cells and dirt from external layers. This way your mask will be more focused on deep cleansing of the inside layers.

  • Make it look like a mask

Your facial mask should look like as if you are wearing a mask. This is why your face and hands shouldn’t be wet. Wet skin won’t let the mask take its shape or perform its function. Just because it is called face mask it should not be used on the face alone. It is not good for your appearance to ignore the neck and throat areas while applying the mask. You don’t want to create a contrast between your face and neck. You won’t be pleased with a glowing face and exhausted neck skin. It is important to apply the mask away from your eyes. It is for its safety. You can even protect your eyes with an eye gel or cream if you have such products.

  • Chill and let it work

Your face mask won’t prevent you from doing anything you are supposed to. You won’t apply anything on your eyes, so you can see clearly. You can prepare something in the kitchen or work on your laptop. You can even use the mask time to sit back for a while. Usually, it takes 10-20 minutes to remove a mask. You are free to use this time as you want.

  • Remove it gently

When you apply a facial mask, you are supposed to do it gently. The same thing applies to removing a mask. You don’t have to be tough on your face. You can use water and a piece of cloth. Gentle patting is enough to remove the mask completely. When you are done, you can use a towel to dry your face and neck.

These simple steps will help you make the most of your mask. The best part is that it gets easier every time. It is important to know that face masks are not made for daily use. You can use it once or twice a week.

  • Types of face masks

There are many brands and products of face masks. There are mainly 4 types of face masks. Each type of these masks can work with a certain type of skin. Usually, what works for a skin type can’t work for the other. Each skin type has its needs. You can determine the right mask based on your face type:

  • Cream masks

Cream masks contain high concentrations of oils. This means that they will work perfectly on dry skin. Normal skin can also benefit from the presence of the oils. These masks will moisturize the dry cells in deep and superficial layers.

  • Clay masks

Clay masks are not rich in oils. In fact, they are free of oils. This makes them an ideal choice for oily skin. The masks can penetrate the layers and detox them from unwanted oils. People with oily skin might also suffer from redness. There are certain clay masks that are gentle on facial redness. So, the problem won’t get any worse. Using a clay mask on normal skin won’t be a problem either.

  • Gel masks

Gel masks work for sensitive skin. These masks are for mild to sensitive skin that can get irritated easily. They have components that would soothe and cool the skin. They also work for dry skin.

If you have a problem with finding the right mask, Symbol Of Hope can help you a lot.

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