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Culture And Tradition Of Spain

The origins of the name Espana is not entirely known, but it was allegedly given by the Roman Empire who gave them the name Hispania. The nation is divided into regions such as the Catalan-Valencian-Balearic area, the Basque Country and the Galicia.

The Language

Each area has a strong sense of pride since they all have their language as well as a regional identity which is unique to the location.

Other areas such as the Canary Islands, although having a distinct dialect, is very similar to Castilian Spanish.

Castilian Spanish is a language which was made derived from the Latin after they were conquered by Rome. The other languages that were widespread there before Castilian Spanish are Gallego and Catalan which also has Roman roots.

Basque is also another language that was very popular before the Roman colonization, and it is still used to this day.

The main reason behind the unity that is shared among the people of Spain is the experiences that the nation as a whole during their struggles to be released by their colonization. Although the unification process of the area began under Rome and the Christianisation of the area was important especially.

The Architecture

The Spanish architecture, in particular, is something that is very original and unique since the reliance of crowded buildings, and this can be seen all the way from villages to cities. Cities such as Barcelona, Seville, and Madrid are places that the people from rural areas find fascinating.

This is mainly due to the fact that the culture and traditions of Spain when it comes to settlements are deeply ingrained as tightly knit villages or communities. As with any European country, visitors will be treated to architecture and buildings that are gothic but apart from this, there are Islamic monuments such as the Mosque of Cordoba and the Alhambra.


The Food

The food of Spain consists of bread, rice, legumes, lamb, vegetables and dairy products such as milk.

Something that is prevalent in every region in Spain is the midday stew or Cocido (olla) which is a dish that has potato, legumes, and meat which is usually pork. The meat is made to have small servings and at times, the vegetables which are in season is put in the stew or in the side.

Dining outside is quickly becoming common among the middle to upper class, but there’s still the sense that people still value the importance of the midday meal and the breakfast where families come together all across the country to share a meal.

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