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Musicians of alcorcón will participate in the holidays

They will go on stage at the Paco de Lucía Auditorium and we will listen to their creations, lyrics and chords that will arrive full of excitement and emotion. It is about the local groups that will offer a concert on the big day of the holidays, on September 8: “Mr. Orange “,” Time limit “,” Special Case “,” Chavacan Monsters “and” Eurolatino “.

They are the winners of the First Local Music Competition and with them, talent and passion will be guaranteed in the night of local music. Luis Galindo, second deputy mayor and councilor of Culture, Festejos, Participación Ciudadana and Barrios congratulates these groups of the city and wishes them “a resounding success in this concert that will allow us to know their music, behind which there are many hours of effort, trial and work “.

For all groups it is a special night in which they will realize their dream: playing in Alcorcón , their city. The occasion will be the time to meet and listen to the music that is born and grows in Alcorcón and do it first-hand. The concert will begin at ten o’clock at night and each group will have half an hour of live music to get their music to the neighbors.

All the groups compose the lyrics and music of their songs and all do so starting from the proposals of some of the components to move forward towards a collective creation. All the groups will play five or six songs of their own harvest and with this performance they hope to please and make their neighbors spend a special night.

Moisés Bello, guitarist, member of ” Mr. Naranja”,a group that celebrates three years of life, speaks of its music as “something difficult to define, it would be like a versification of pop rock in which we are very comfortable, with varied influences, including those of singer-songwriter”. For the group, tonight they have a special emotion: “We have always attended the Alcorcón concerts from below and now we will do it from a stage in our own home”, so Bello says he wants to take the opportunity to “thank to the city council for this commendable initiative that I hope will be maintained year after year because it is very important for the groups that work on this and we want to stay on the music scene. ”

” Time limit”announces on its website the concert and warns: “We are going to war again, this time at home.” For them, they affirm, “we will be lucky enough to get on the great stage of the Paco de Lucía Auditorium in full parties of our town, so we are going to give everything, it will be short but intense”. Francisco José Macías, guitarist and soul of the group, points out that they have been with this project for eight years, which he describes as a “rewarding and expensive hobby in money, effort and time”. The group has released an album that they produced themselves.

Adrián Pagador, guitarist of ” Special Case“, Also explains his music:” We make alternative rock, what would be indie rock, and we create music normally from the idea of ​​the singer to which we then join and create the definitive proposal “. For them the Alcorcón concert is a challenge: “It is a very important moment, because always, since we existed five years ago, we wanted to play in our city”.

Santiago Llorente is the drummer of ” Chavacan Monsters “, a group with just two years of existence, composed of five members, students and workers who, he explains, “the group has prepared a repertoire with songs that are the best of our music and which, we hope, will not go unnoticed. ”

José Miguel Gamboa, Cuban, and Antonio López, from Cabo Verde, joined professionally last year, today they are the members of ” Eurolatino ” and they are clear about what this concert means: “We are preparing it with emotion because it’s great, it’s a opportunity that can help us grow as artists and as a group and is an important achievement for us “. They are clear that their union has been a sum and present their music as “a Latin proposal that merges with European music.”

This first contest aimed at the music groups of the city has had a good reception. The jury has highlighted the excellent quality of the presented models. On day 8, the whole city will be able to hear it.

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