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6 gift ideas for your kid’s 10th birthday

Is it your kid’s 10th birthday? Well, this is a very special birthday. From this day on, your child will be taking the first steps in the world of adolescence. A 10-year-old boy or girl is not yet a teenager though. Still they don’t share the same interests and hobbies of small children. This is when things get tricky if you are going to buy a birthday gift. Keuzehelper will help you in reaching the right gift for the big birthday.

Buying a birthday present for a 10-year-old kid doesn’t work according to certain rules. Things can vary from one child to another. It is associated with the way the kid develops and grows. At this age, kids will have different interests. There are some useful tips that you can follow to make things easier:

  • Things to avoid when it is time for birthday presents

There is no right or wrong when it comes to choosing gifts. There are endless items that can work for different kids. However, it is not recommended to leave things totally up to the kids. Sure, their wishes come in the first place, but you can’t let the kids buy the gift on their own. You should not give your kid some cash and expect them to come home with the right gift. They might go spend the money on treats or even lose the money somewhere. You should do the work and shop for the birthday present on your own.

You should also avoid buying trivial items that have no purpose. The present should make an emotional and a mental impact on the kids. The new gift should suit the kid’s growth. This way he can never forget it.

With a world full of gift items, keuzehelper can help you narrow down the options. Here are some of the best gift ideas for a 10-year-old boy:

  • Carrera go speed stars

A race track will definitely thrill your little boy. The design and features of the track are based on Formula 1 world. The track is 5.3 meters long. Your kid will start the race between two powerful racers. This leaves the room for a friend to share the joy of playing. Your boy can control the race vehicles through a hand controller.

  • LEGO Pirate Roller Coaster

Any edition of LEGO will make a kid happy. This pirate themed props and roller coaster will give your kid loads of fun and adventure. The game contains 4 mini figures, an oval roller coaster and shark carriages. There is also a skeleton figure and a balloon stand. Your boy can use the water cannon to splash some figures and make things totally awesome. Assembling the components is never too hard on your 10-year-old boy.

  • VTech Kidi zoom camera

It is about time to introduce your kid to the world of photography. Nothing can get his attention to it more than this suitable camera. This item is specially designed for kids. So, there are no complicated technical details and buttons are involved. It will give your boy everything he needs to capture some good pictures. It is a camera with a resolution of 5 megapixels. It offers zoom function up to 4 times. The memory of the camera allows your kid to take up to 800 photos. There is a room for more if you buy an additional memory card. There is an included USB cable that your kid can use to open the camera’s contents on a PC.

  • Simba- Dickie Fireman Sam and his fire station

Kids love firemen. They are big heroes for them. So, why shouldn’t you give your kid a chance to get closer to firefighting world? This toy has important details that would work for the little firefighter. He can put his fire truck in the station. Your kid can see the office of the chief. The firefighter figure can use the rod to slide down like real fighters in real-life. Both the station and the truck offer relevant sound and light effect. The fire station comes without the truck. Your kid possibly had got it before. If not, he can use the station alone till he gets the trucks.

  • Playmobil Tactical Unit Truck

This is a unique truck that will give your boy a different experience. It is not a traditional police car. It is a suitable option for a top-notch intervention agents. It is big and advanced truck. It makes different sounds and lights that will attract your kid’s attention. Your kid can remove the roof and insert the figures and accessories inside the truck. There are attached stairs that you can unfold to provide extra storage space.

  • Totum Construxions: wooden construction set

This is the age where your kids are curious about constructing and designing. This gift will help them improve this interest. This item contains building pieces that will let your kid build different items. Your boy can build a truck, a plane or anything else he likes. The wooden set will capture your kid’s attention for a very long time. It will increase his creativity and designing abilities. There are wooden wheel and their plastic covers. There are various blocks to use in constructing their project. Plastic pins are included too. All the items are either made of wood or plastic.

Keuzehelper offers more interesting stuff that will blow your kid’s mind on his birthday. As long as you are looking for something creative with educational value, you will enjoy an easy shopping.

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