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Top reasons why you should be taking a girl’s trip

April 3, 2019

One of the main reasons why people do not take vacations is because they think they are extravagant and therefore...

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Top reasons why you should be taking a girl’s trip

April 3, 2019

One of the main reasons why people do not take...

Dental care is one of the essential things, so learn about it

March 24, 2019

Do you know what the worst pain is? It is,...

Fashion show in the street

January 8, 2019

October Cultural

December 18, 2018

Discounts on theme park

November 22, 2018

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Top reasons why you should be taking a girl’s trip

One of the main reasons why people do not take vacations is because they think they are extravagant and therefore not a right. What they do not know is that you still manage a vacation with a low budget and still make out most of it. Various sites like CupidTraveler offer insights about low budget trips and vacation. The main thing that vacations require is thorough planning so unless you do not have any time to spare for the planning, then you are missing out on a lot. Furthermore, there are a lot of benefits you are missing out on as well.

However, quite a number of people have embraced trips and vacations especially since most of them involve travelling to new and beautiful places. You however do not have to deplete your savings in the name of taking a trip or vacationing, because there are options that you can manage to pull off with a little amount of money. It becomes even more simple and fun to plan for these trips when you are a group. That is because ideas are shared and this way you end up coming up with an agreed location that fits all your vacationing needs. Wherever you decide to take up your trip, be it in South Americas Brazil for its fabulous beaches, Italia or even Latvia, just be prepared for some good time and it gets more fun when you are a group.

As CupidTraveler and other travel sites will reveal, there are quite a number of options when it comes to places and destinations you can plan a trip to. A number of these places offer a variety of activities, food, club life, among other fun activities. Vacationing or taking a trip comes with a lot of benefits and that is more reasons why people should embrace them. So what are some of the benefits that accompany a girl’s trip?

Benefits of taking a trip as a group of girls

Here are some of the main reasons why you should be organizing a girl’s trip next summer:

  • New experiences: trips are experience filled when it comes to what they have to offer. These experiences could be some sunny beautiful beaches, some nature walks and hikes, night life in various clubs, green valleys, diverse cuisines and so forth. You will never miss a new experience with trips and that is one reason why you should look forward to them. The best thing about it is documenting every other experience for later memories.
  • Reconnecting: having friends or family relatives is not the deal, but being able to reconnect with them once a while. This is where trips and vacations come in. Trips have facilitated reunions with college friends or fellow girls from the work place. They provide an ample time to catch up on the latest and knowing what each one of you has been up to lately. This bonding time facilitates great and beneficial communication when it comes to sharing life experiences, milestones achieved, and challenges among other stuff that a group of girls are allowed to share when together.
  • Fun: the fun in trips is not something to miss out on. With a lot of things to deal with from meeting deadlines at work place, dealing with schooling kids, and other duties that life has to offer, it is only fair that time is taken to indulge on all the fun that a trip can offer. They say too much work without play is a recipe for disaster. There are a lot of fun activities to take with your girls while out there with examples of night clubbing, exploring various cuisines, visiting the spa, attending a yoga session, running wild on the sandy beaches and so forth. There is no exact word that can explain fun, but we can say that it is anything that lifts your spirits in a way that brings happiness.
  • Affordability: come to think about it, the more the people planning for a trip, the less each one being involved has to chip in with. It also becomes much easier with all the ideas being shared. It is a girl’s trip so why not share a hotel and spend the night playing some cards and catching some TV show. That means that you can actually pull off a trip with your best friends without leaving a dent in your wallets.
  • Shared responsibilities: a group of heads is always better than one. Trips come with a lot of things to do and it becomes much easier when you are a group of people. Talk for instance about taking photographs. You can take turns in taking photographs of each one of you. You can also take turns in driving if it happens to be a road trip. Also, what of applying each other sunscreen lotions while at the beach. There are a lot of things which are made easier when the trip involves a group of girls.
  • More secure as a group: we all know that the world is not the safest place especially for women and that is why a girl’s trip is vital. While vacationing alone isn’t wrong, it is safe to say that when you are a group you can have each other’s back should an out of norm something happens. Also, there are several minds that can work out a plan B in case plan A fails while out there.

Dental care is one of the essential things, so learn about it

Do you know what the worst pain is? It is, of course, a toothache! It is a common pain everybody gets. Your cheeks and jaw will swell due to the toothache. Along with that, you will get a headache too. So, this shows how much of a pain a toothache can be. Toothaches are more severe than any other aches. There are many reasons to get a toothache. It could be tooth decay, infection, receding gum, injury or some other cause. If you want to know more on this, you can visit the following website

The primary focus should be a dental visit in six months

You must note that it is a must to visit the dentist once in 6 months. An appointment with the dentist would ensure you on the condition of your teeth, and if there is anything wrong, then he/she would guide you on to what has to be done about it. There must be a dentist surely nearby, so do not fail to make an appointment once in 6 months. Usually with our busy schedule we find it difficult to adjust time for dental appointment but it is as equally important as your work. Keep in mind that oral health is very important for your overall well-being and hence regular visits to a dentist are very important to maintain. Early detection and treatment of dental diseases such as Oro-dental trauma and oral cancer can help save your life. The earlier diagnosis, the better it is for you and your life. So, the only way you can diagnose the disease is by consulting the dentist. But, before you consult a dentist you must consider many factors to ensure he/she is the right one!

Another reason why you need to visit the dentist regularly is just in case you have gum disease. Some wrong habits put oral health at risk and cause many other serious problems related to health. This is why the regular 6-month visit to the dentist is significant. By ignoring the regular dentist visit, the disease may spread further and become a bigger issue. For further information about dental diseases, the types, causes, and remedies, check this website to learn more

Home remedies when you are unable to reach a dentist right away

What if the dentist is not available on that particular day? Could you resist the pain until the next day? Well, that wouldn’t be an easy task. So, what else can you do? There are several other ways to get rid of a toothache until you consult the dentist. These methods which are done at home are known as home remedies. Some home remedies would work within a few minutes and would relieve the pain for some time, while some other methods would take around one or two days. But it is always better to give it a try. So, here are some of the home remedies you could try for a toothache:

  • Ice cubes: This is the most convenient home remedy. Hold an ice cube on your cheek, right over the aching tooth. This is not only done for toothaches but also a treatment for many other aches and pains.
  • Salt in water: Rinse your mouth with around a tablespoon of salt dissolved in a glass of water. Make sure not to swallow it, but spit it out once you have rinsed your mouth.
  • Cloves: Keep a clove spice for around half an hour, right next to the aching tooth.
  • Honey: Honey is commonly used to decrease pain and reduce swelling. You can either rub a little amount of honey on the aching tooth/are, or you could rinse your mouth with warm water mixed with a spoonful of honey.
  • Apple Cider Vinegar: Soak a piece of clean cotton in the apple cider vinegar and place it directly on the aching tooth.
  • Salt and garlic: Mix salt to crushed garlic cloves and apply it directly on the aching tooth.
  • Onion: Directly place a raw onion on the aching tooth for some time, or chew a raw onion for a few minutes.
  • Tea bag: Place a wet, slightly warm tea bag on your cheek for around 5 to 10 minutes. This is a traditional method to relieve the pain of a tooth.
  • Vanilla extract: Apply vanilla extract soaked in cotton directly over the aching tooth/area for 1 or 2 days. It will reduce the pain.

These methods are all very convenient as most of these items could be found in your kitchen. But if none of this works out or you do not have any of these items with you at that moment, then you could check for some other home remedies on

Home remedies have always been done and have worked out most of the time. But, home remedies usually only work out for a certain period and would not last for long. Another way to reduce the pain rather than home remedies is to consume pain killers. The common pain killers consumed for toothaches are Ibuprofen and Panadol. But these pain killers can only provide temporary relief, just like the home remedies. So, what do you have to do if you get the same toothache once again? Well, the best thing is to consult the dentist. So, if you ever get a toothache, try a home remedy and do not forget to visit the nearest dentist too.

Things You Need To Know About Dogs Bandanas

Dogs bandanas are generally just an item that is on fashion. At you will come across a variety of designs and colors to pick from. When you purchase for your dog, it might just look super cool. It is a lovely way to dress your dog for a special occasion such as a birthday or a homecoming day. Whatever the reason, there are things that you need to really know about these pieces of clothes.

Maintaining the dog bandanas

It is possible for the dog bandanas to at times become a little mucky, especially if your dog likes eating their food while it is on. It is important that you wash it in order to keep it in perfect condition.

Most of the bandanas at are made from cotton materials or a combination of nylon and cotton and thus, it will be possible for you to hand wash it gently in cool water. Though there are those which are advertised that they can be machine washed, but it is common sense that you might err when it comes to caution and use a gentle hand wash. You will need to air it to dry.

It is important to note that, the dye of the fabric might have a problem and might run out when the dog is wearing it or when you are washing it. This mostly happens when you purchase it from a source which is not reliable. In order to prevent such issues from occurring, you will need to ensure that your dog bandana is colorfast before you purchase it.

Some Questions you might ask regarding your dog bandana

  • What are dog bandanas?

Dog bandanas refer to a triangular or square piece of fabric which is normally worn around the neck of a dog. In most instances, they have fastened the back of the neck with a Velcro or ties.

  • Are dog bandanas safe?

Dog bandanas are only safe if you use them sensibly. Just like any other accessories for the dog, there is a certain risk of getting stuck or caught on a sharp object and this could result in an injury. Due to this, you are best using it on your dog when it is indoors and never to leave it on your dog when it is running free.

You should also not let it on a dog which is unsupervised. In rare instances, there is a possibility of the bandana causing irritations and thus, it is important that you choose natural fabric like cotton, ensure that you limit the time length which the dog wears it and at the same time, be vigilant.

  • Do I have to remove my dog bandana at night

It is necessary that at night, you remove the bandana from your dog’s neck. It is a risk hazard to leave the dog with the bandana when it is not under supervision and this includes at night. There is a possibility that it might be caught in something which could result in strangulation or it might come out and fall or get chewed which can result in choking.

  • How do I place a dog bandana on my dog?

When you are dressing your dog with a bandana, it will be easier for you to stand behind it. Once you have made the secure note to avoid it from moving, you will need to be able to fit two fingers between the bandana and the neck of your dog. If it is not possible, and you find that it is too tight, then you will need to adjust it.

Finding the Best Bandana for your dog

When you are in the market to find a bandana for your dog, there are some things that you will have to look into to ensure that your dog will have a bandana that is perfect for its daily use or for various occasions.

  • Bandana size: There are a variety of bandana sizes in the market due to the fact that different breeds have different body size. For small dogs, you will have to purchase a small bandana, for bigger dogs, you will need to go for a bigger bandana. Most of the small size bandanas are 27 inches wide while the bigger bandanas are about 30 inches wide.
  • Breed of your dog: Apart from the size of your dog, your dog breed is a deciding factor when you are choosing the type of fabric to purchase. If the dog has thick fur, then you will need a bandana that will keep them warm at night especially during winter.

Customization of the dog bandanas

You have an option of ensuring that, you customize your dog bandana if you feel that what is being offered is not suitable to your taste. There are various personalized dog bandanas which you can purchase through a lot of channels such as

When you get a personalized bandana, you can decide it has the name of your dog printed all over it to customize your design. But you should remember that such type comes with a prize which is slightly higher than the other on the shelf bandanas. But it is worth it since it will be unique and specific for your dog. Customized dog bandanas are considered to be the most sold bandanas as most dog owners seem to prefer them to the ordinary bandanas.

Fashion show in the street

27 stores showed more than 500 attendees their products, clothes and accessories at street level. Last Friday, the “successful and traditional Pasarela” took place, at street level, with a wide variety of products, among which clothing and accessories could be seen, in general, that is, what they offer daily in their stores, to give the greatest facilities to citizens to make a purchase.

“Our goal, that of the municipal government team, is to continue fostering and supporting local commerce in Alcorcón. For this reason, with this initiative, which has the sponsorship and collaboration of the City Council, we promote and support sustainability, entrepreneurship and the employment of small businesses. Without them, it would not be possible for our city to continue with the current trend of job creation, as reflected in data for 8 consecutive months, and that make our municipality a leader in job creation, “said Silvia Cruz, first Deputy mayor.

In addition, Silvia Cruz indicated that “local commerce not only has an economic revitalizing role but also a broader role of collaboration and creation of social life among the neighbors of a neighborhood or zone. Thus, from the Consistory we also launch various campaigns to promote small businesses, such as campaigns aimed at florists, stationers or the launching of the Seal Trade Alcorcón, for which we want to recognize those businesses that offer their services and products to customers with criteria of Quality, closeness and making them feel at home “.

With this, there are already four editions of the Catwalk, and all of them have had great support from the neighbors of Alcorcón. The merchants and businessmen were very excited about the new success of the Pasarela, which has become an unmissable event for all the residents of the neighborhood. Thus, they took the opportunity to transfer to the first deputy mayor, Silvia Cruz, the great work of coordination and the constant support of the City Council of Alcorcón and the Government team to make possible the celebration of this original initiative year after year.

The Association “El Paseo Commercial Porto Cristo Posterior”, which was constituted on October 10, 2013 and which currently has 27 shops attached, was established in order to represent, defend, coordinate, manage, promote and promote commercial interests, economic, social, labor, and professional of all its members, in addition to strengthening the proximity trade and specifically, the commercial area of ​​Porto Cristo Posterior.

The Department of Employment, Economy and Commerce sponsors and collaborates the event in coordination with the Councilors of Presidency, Security and Emergency, the Unified Security Center of Alcorcón (CUS), the Municipal Services Company (ESMASA), Department of Heritage, Polygons and Transport, Department of Human Resources, Internal Regime, Environment, Cleaning and Parks and Gardens and with the Department of Urban Planning, Works and Maintenance – Conservation and Maintenance area and is also sponsored by the company ASCAUTO, official dealer of the Fiat Group.

October Cultural

The exhibition halls of the Municipal Arts Center open their doors this month with very varied proposals. Two artistic exhibitions that start the season in the city. Fernando Ferro and Eok Seon Kim will show us their works starting on October 5th.

In addition, on Monday the 3rd, the Altamira Alta room opens its doors to ” The History of the Flag of Spain, its origin and evolution”, organized by the association Retógenes, Friends of Military History, with the collaboration of the “Guadarrama” Brigade “XII and the cultural association Blas de Lezo. A total of 50 flags and banners will be in view of the visiting family audience that will count, also with facilities of the popular Play mobile dolls.

Finally, on October 10, the doors of Espacio Alfarero will open again to host the exhibition “Legado en barro” by the Alcorcón Alfarero collective. This association, created in the spring of the year 2013, will propose two assemblies: “Play white and win” and “Walk through the Alcorcón of yesterday and today”.

Luis Galindo, second deputy mayor and councilor of Culture, Celebrations, Citizen Participation and Neighborhoods, congratulates “for these exhibitions that will allow us to see and know first-hand the work of two artists with different and very interesting proposals. In addition, the residents of Alcorcón will also be able to learn the historical evolution of our flag and the pieces made by one of the artisan groups with the greatest social standing in Alcorcón “.

Fernando Ferro is from Madrid of pure strain, Chamberí neighborhood, although he has lived for many years in Galician lands, where he started in engraving and his training has gone through the industrial mastery and later the pottery in the school of Moncloa. The exhibition that we can see in Alcorcón is titled “Poets and drawings” and, among others, we can see his idea about Juan Ramón Jiménez, Miguel Torga, Jorge de Serma, Paul Aster, Fernando Pessoa, Dylan Thomas or Robert Johnson.

The Korean artist Eok Seon Kim, Okson, will bring his works in a proposal titled “NATURAL.mente”, in which you can see, according to Fernando Galán, his work that “is a faithful and rigorous expression of his person, his vital attitude and his vision of the world and of life in all aspects, combining aesthetic delicacy and the traditional conceptual ingenuity of his country, a certain minimalist sense close to the Zen philosophy, with the rigor and technical precision of an engineer and his need for passion, that he came to Spain. ”

Born in Seoul (Korea) in 1962, he studied telecommunications and emigrated to Paraguay, where he graduated in Fine Arts so that, at the beginning of the nineties, he traveled to Spain, became enamored with boleros and studied at the School of Applied Arts and Artistic Trades of Madrid. Convinced that the language conditions the way of thinking, expression and feeling, he is one of the people who does not pronounce a sentence without knowing what he means by it.

Discounts on theme park

The residents of Alcorcón will enjoy special prices with discounts to visit the Warner Madrid on October 15th. The City Council of Alcorcón, as a complement to the offer of leisure and free time that takes place from the Department of Youth throughout the course, has reached an agreement with Warner Madrid, the theme park located in San Martin de La Vega, thanks to which the residents of the city can enjoy discounted prices.

Specifically, the Alcorconeros will be able to attend next Saturday, October 15, at the Warner Center, for a price of 21 euros. In addition, this special amount for the residents of Alcorcón will be valid for an alcorconero registered in the city and
three other people. The proximity to the date of Halloween celebration will allow attendees of this day to enjoy the attraction organized by the park on the occasion of this holiday.

To do this, it will be essential to present your ID card or the registration certificate at the ticket office of the leisure centers.
The third deputy mayor and councilor responsible for the area of ​​Youth, Susana Mozo, has invited all residents of Alcorcón to “enjoy a family day, at better prices than usual, and in which the neighbors can be mounted
in large number of attractions spread over facilities that occupy more than 700,000 hectares. ”

The park has five major themed areas: Hollywood Boulevard, Warner Bros. Studios, DC SuperHeroes World, Old West and Cartoon Village. In total, Warner Park Madrid houses 41 attractions distributed by each of these areas, in addition to Warner Beach Park. Each day, 58 performances of 18 shows, parades and different animations take place, which will make all the members of the family enjoy an unforgettable day in a unique space. A wide and varied offer of restaurants and ten theme shops complete this space for leisure and fun.

Greater flexibility for book scholarships

This year the income requirements are made more flexible. More families from Alcorcón will be eligible for scholarships for the purchase of textbooks from the City Council. The City Council of Alcorcón, through the Department of Social Services that directs the mayor Susana Mozo, has published aid for the acquisition of textbooks for the school year 2016-2017, which may opt more families of Alcorcón due to the greater flexibility of the requirements.

These subsidies are intended for families with economic needs, registered in the locality and with children enrolled in Primary and / or Secondary Education, both in public centers and in subsidized schools in Alcorcón. Also included in this call for families registered in the neighborhood of Fuente Cisneros and whose children go to public or subsidized centers of Móstoles. As a novelty, this year may also be requested by students of the Special Education Center Severo Ochoa de Alcorcón. 

The flexibility in the economic requirements to be eligible for these scholarships is another of the novelties of this call. Specifically, families whose income in 2015 has not exceeded 29,820.56 euros, in the case of the family unit up to four members , will be able to apply for aid.; 35,411.92 euros, in the case of families of up to five members; of 40,630.51 euros in the six-member family unit; of 45,103.60 euros in the case of 7 members or 48,831.17 euros for a family unit of 8 members. From the ninth member will be added 3,727.57 euros for each new one.

The third deputy mayor and councilor responsible for the area of ​​Social Services, Susana Mozo, stressed that “the needs of the residents of Alcorcón are our own. Therefore, this year, this municipal government has tried to help these grants reach more families in the city by making rental requirements more flexible or accessing more centers. Our priority is the people and with our decisions we show this “: In total, for this school year, the City Council of Alcorcón offers 90,000 euros to families. Each one of these helps will be able to ascend to 125 euros, in the case that the scholar studies in Primary, or 150 for the students of Secondary.

Inscripciones.- Registration to apply for these grants can be downloaded through the City Council’s website or collected at its Information and Registration offices and at the Social Services centers located at Calle Parque del Teide 1, and at Plaza del Tejar, 9. The delivery of these duly completed must be delivered in the General Register of the City of Alcorcón or by any of the means provided in Article 38.4 of Law 30/1992, of November 26, Legal Regime of Public Administrations and Common Administrative Procedure in the fifteen calendar days from the day
following the publication of the call in the BOCAM, from September 29 to October 13 (both inclusive).

Documentation .-All the documentation that must be presented can be consulted in the rules of the call, which can be downloaded from the municipal website. This year, in addition, these aids will be compatible with others that could be perceived with the same purpose granted by this or other public or private entities, provided that the articles for which such assistance is obtained are not coincidental.

Score.- The City Council of Alcorcón will evaluate the applications based on different criteria such as rent, disability, large families, if they have an open file in Social Services dated before the publication of the bases or if they make purchases in shops of Alcorcón. This last criterion, which was incorporated for the first time last year, was launched with the aim of promoting local trade.

Musicians of alcorcón will participate in the holidays


They will go on stage at the Paco de Lucía Auditorium and we will listen to their creations, lyrics and chords that will arrive full of excitement and emotion. It is about the local groups that will offer a concert on the big day of the holidays, on September 8: “Mr. Orange “,” Time limit “,” Special Case “,” Chavacan Monsters “and” Eurolatino “.

They are the winners of the First Local Music Competition and with them, talent and passion will be guaranteed in the night of local music. Luis Galindo, second deputy mayor and councilor of Culture, Festejos, Participación Ciudadana and Barrios congratulates these groups of the city and wishes them “a resounding success in this concert that will allow us to know their music, behind which there are many hours of effort, trial and work “.

For all groups it is a special night in which they will realize their dream: playing in Alcorcón , their city. The occasion will be the time to meet and listen to the music that is born and grows in Alcorcón and do it first-hand. The concert will begin at ten o’clock at night and each group will have half an hour of live music to get their music to the neighbors.

All the groups compose the lyrics and music of their songs and all do so starting from the proposals of some of the components to move forward towards a collective creation. All the groups will play five or six songs of their own harvest and with this performance they hope to please and make their neighbors spend a special night.

Moisés Bello, guitarist, member of ” Mr. Naranja”,a group that celebrates three years of life, speaks of its music as “something difficult to define, it would be like a versification of pop rock in which we are very comfortable, with varied influences, including those of singer-songwriter”. For the group, tonight they have a special emotion: “We have always attended the Alcorcón concerts from below and now we will do it from a stage in our own home”, so Bello says he wants to take the opportunity to “thank to the city council for this commendable initiative that I hope will be maintained year after year because it is very important for the groups that work on this and we want to stay on the music scene. ”

” Time limit”announces on its website the concert and warns: “We are going to war again, this time at home.” For them, they affirm, “we will be lucky enough to get on the great stage of the Paco de Lucía Auditorium in full parties of our town, so we are going to give everything, it will be short but intense”. Francisco José Macías, guitarist and soul of the group, points out that they have been with this project for eight years, which he describes as a “rewarding and expensive hobby in money, effort and time”. The group has released an album that they produced themselves.

Adrián Pagador, guitarist of ” Special Case“, Also explains his music:” We make alternative rock, what would be indie rock, and we create music normally from the idea of ​​the singer to which we then join and create the definitive proposal “. For them the Alcorcón concert is a challenge: “It is a very important moment, because always, since we existed five years ago, we wanted to play in our city”.

Santiago Llorente is the drummer of ” Chavacan Monsters “, a group with just two years of existence, composed of five members, students and workers who, he explains, “the group has prepared a repertoire with songs that are the best of our music and which, we hope, will not go unnoticed. ”

José Miguel Gamboa, Cuban, and Antonio López, from Cabo Verde, joined professionally last year, today they are the members of ” Eurolatino ” and they are clear about what this concert means: “We are preparing it with emotion because it’s great, it’s a opportunity that can help us grow as artists and as a group and is an important achievement for us “. They are clear that their union has been a sum and present their music as “a Latin proposal that merges with European music.”

This first contest aimed at the music groups of the city has had a good reception. The jury has highlighted the excellent quality of the presented models. On day 8, the whole city will be able to hear it.

Culture And Tradition Of Spain


The origins of the name Espana is not entirely known, but it was allegedly given by the Roman Empire who gave them the name Hispania. The nation is divided into regions such as the Catalan-Valencian-Balearic area, the Basque Country and the Galicia.

The Language

Each area has a strong sense of pride since they all have their language as well as a regional identity which is unique to the location.

Other areas such as the Canary Islands, although having a distinct dialect, is very similar to Castilian Spanish.

Castilian Spanish is a language which was made derived from the Latin after they were conquered by Rome. The other languages that were widespread there before Castilian Spanish are Gallego and Catalan which also has Roman roots.

Basque is also another language that was very popular before the Roman colonization, and it is still used to this day.

The main reason behind the unity that is shared among the people of Spain is the experiences that the nation as a whole during their struggles to be released by their colonization. Although the unification process of the area began under Rome and the Christianisation of the area was important especially.

The Architecture

The Spanish architecture, in particular, is something that is very original and unique since the reliance of crowded buildings, and this can be seen all the way from villages to cities. Cities such as Barcelona, Seville, and Madrid are places that the people from rural areas find fascinating.

This is mainly due to the fact that the culture and traditions of Spain when it comes to settlements are deeply ingrained as tightly knit villages or communities. As with any European country, visitors will be treated to architecture and buildings that are gothic but apart from this, there are Islamic monuments such as the Mosque of Cordoba and the Alhambra.


The Food

The food of Spain consists of bread, rice, legumes, lamb, vegetables and dairy products such as milk.

Something that is prevalent in every region in Spain is the midday stew or Cocido (olla) which is a dish that has potato, legumes, and meat which is usually pork. The meat is made to have small servings and at times, the vegetables which are in season is put in the stew or in the side.

Dining outside is quickly becoming common among the middle to upper class, but there’s still the sense that people still value the importance of the midday meal and the breakfast where families come together all across the country to share a meal.